Moto Mudguard



Price: £14.99

Customise your Mudguard

Price: £19.99

Burgtec pimps the Mudguard!

We’ve added a Motocross decal to our mudguard so that you can trick out bike whilst keeping muck out of your eyes.

The Moto Mudguard comes in a variety of colours so you can match it to your machine.

If you want a colour to match your bike just email us and we will match it up for you.

The super durable Mudguard decal lasts and lasts doesn’t fade and flake off like inferior mudguards.

Make totally custom for an extra £5 and add your name.

Please note Customisation takes 5 working days plus shipping.


Colours: Burgtec Black,Red,Blue, Green,Woodguard,Orange, Purple
Weight: who cares it’s a mudguard
Customise it with your name or company logo
No need for high volumes to customise.
Price £14.99
Custom £19.99

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