Burgtec Fox 40 Grill

Burgtec Fox 40 Grill

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The Grill is the successor to the Stanchion Mansion.

It gives the rider the option to use the Boxxer direct mount stem which allows riders to jump back on there bike after a heavy crash and not have to straighten the bars up. A major relief to any racer who know how time consuming it can be to untangle there bars.


Colour: Burgtec Black
Designed for the Fox 40 and Marzocchi 888 forks
Made from 608 T6 certified Aerospace Aluminium
Superbike gradeTitanium bolts as standard
Weight 175grams
The flat crown allows riders a lower front end riding position

2 Responses to “Burgtec Fox 40 Grill”

  1. Mike Kitko Says:

    Hello, I currently have a 2010 Fox 40 with the stock crown. The problem I am having is the top tube on my 2011 Demo 8 is going to get seriously damaged by that current crown that comes stock on there due to its low hang heights. If I may ask a question, how can I possibly get one of your products shipped to me. Your top crown the Fox 40 Grill looks like it might solve my issue. I am currently located in the USA as I am American, but I would like to get this item if I can. Any help or information would be much appreciated.


  2. Burgtec Says:

    Hi Mike

    No problem on shipping to the states for you. but have you tried our US distributor at email Matt at [email protected]



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