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Sorry I haven’t updated sooner just the past few weeks have been pretty tapped since I last wrote mainly as I have been working flat out lately trying to save so that I can go racing internationally this year, I also have some exciting news to do with that too. I have just signed to ride for Roberto Vernassa’s team Argentina Bike on board a Devinci Wilson and will be based in San Romolo, Italy, which for those that don’t know is a pretty damn rad place to ride bikes! So 2012 should be a good year for me it will be sweet being back in Italy as I like being based there and enjoy their hospitality and doing the races there plus scenery there not bad too if you know what i mean..

So on to whats being going down lately, since I last wrote I have had a few races, Nat Champs didn’t go amazingly well for me as I took and off track excursion but I guess that happens, track was pretty sick though nice long one and dry as, Justin Leov showed us all he’s a machine and took out the title.
From there it was back to work for a few weeks and cranking out a bit of overtime been doing 11hrs most days to try save up before I head to Europe in May, but work aint all that bad building trails is pretty sweet as far as a job goes, get one shuttle day to do runs all afternoon every week so I aint complaining! And also got to test the trail you build so get to fit in a fair bit of riding which is sweet!

I then headed up to Round 5 of the NZ series in Wellington, which was good times which a nice fast dry race track, Wellington is the city in NZ renowned for its wind and on race day it didn’t disappoint with strong winds coming out making it that bit more interesting, my race run went alright but made a couple of little mistakes which cost me on the course just over 2mins, I ended up 6th with the European Invasion of “Cous Cous” Fabian Cousine and Markus Pekoll taking first and 3rd with fellow Burgtec Bandit Bulldog Macdonald in 2nd reppin for the Kiwis and flat pedals.

After the race it was straight in to beverages and off to Homegrown music festival which features all NZ’s best artist’s and pretty much one big party on the Wellington waterfront it was goodtimes all-round as is any night with all the boys here,

kiwis are probably the most close knit group I know of as DH riders and probably why we have the best afterparties after many of our races, I don’t think it is the best thing for your racing but having fun is what its all about cant be too serious all your life I reckon!

Anyways now I am back on the pick digging more trail and have been cranking a few xc rides on my DH bike as I don’t have any other bike to train on but it certainly makes for some character building rides! I have the Oceania Champs in a weeks time up in Rotorua which should be sick as the track there is always one of the best around.

Until then hopefully I find some time to crank out some WynTV for everyone too!


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