Wyn’s Xmas best wishes

Sorry this blog should have gone up at Xmas from Wyn but we were away for the xmas period. Some great pics though thats why I stuck it up now.

trail riding a bit of hard graft on the shovel and all round goodtimes! Now I am back home in the North Island for xmas with the family which is always good to catch up with everyone that I don’t see for a year or so!

Had a pretty rough week with some out of character weather with the most rainfall ever recorded in Nelson where I am building trails, pretty lucky I live way up on a mountain and we didn’t see too much flooding but some weren’t so lucky my thoughts go out to those who’s house’s were damaged! Was lucky enough to get our latest episode of WynTV finished up before the rain came so check that out! Check out the gumboot or wellington drier as UK folk would say I rigged up after the wet weather!

I just got home after a big day of riding up in Rotorua on my new Pivot Phoenix DH bike that I am riding for the NZ season, first time on a DH bike since Leogang World Cup back in June! Felt unreal really loving the new bike and got some good runs in with my Pivot NZ team mate Matt Walker, totally worth the 5.15am wake to drive up there, check the sunrise from the drive up pretty rad!

Anyways now its time to go see whats the go in town tonight, as Xmas eve is always a good un!

Wish you all a merry xmas and happy new year, cut it loose!


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