Wyn’s latest Burgtec blog

So another couple of weeks has gone by and right now I am sitting on a ferry on the way back home for xmas with the family, last week was a week of crazy weather with the heaviest concentrated rainfall ever recorded in Nelson where I am living pretty lucky I live on the top of a mountain so flooding was no worries for me but many weren’t so lucky and there were landslips all over the place.

Pretty crazy to have rain like this time of year then this week it’s back to being hot summer weather getting sunburnt which is much nicer to be out digging trails all day in wasn’t so sweet in the pissing rain! Lucky I got on it before the rain came and banged out another WynTV edit for all of you to check out.

I was meant to be racing a Super D race last weekend but unfortunately it was canceled due to the fact half of the trails were taken out landslips, we were pretty lucky out at out our trails with around 70km’s of trail we only had some minor damage.

This week I get my new DH bike also, I am riding a Pivot Phoenix for the NZ season and am stoked to get back on that after all it has been nearly six months since I have been on the DH bike, my trail bike will pretty happy about this as it has been getting a hammering punching out 20 minute runs most days!

Anyway hope you all unleash and have a good Xmas and New years!


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