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Winter is always a dull time of year for news in the British Mtb scene. So we thought we would get Wyn to do a little blog for us every couple of weeks to keep your enthusiasm up about riding in a wet cold climate till the spring time.

As you might know our winter is New Zealands summer. So when Wyn finishes with our summer he goes back home for his summer, not a bad life. Thats one way to keep the tan topped up.

Anyway here’s his first entry

So it has been a pretty rough year for me, I only got to do a few races due to injury issues with my arm not healing properly but now finally after surgery in July things are back on the right track for me, and I am back riding my bike again and loving it too. This is a bit of a blog I am going to be doing every couple of weeks to keep you guy’s up to date with what I have been up to on the other side of the world in little old NZ!

So once I was allowed to I headed back work down in Nelson a town at the top of the South Island a pretty sweet spot to be living really heaps of amazing beaches around and plenty of riding to be done. I am living out by where we are building trails, which is pretty isolated out in the sticks really but a sweet place heaps big hills and there is around 70km of sick trail already built here so most mornings are kicked off with a 20min dh run on the trail bike just to get to work, pretty sweet for getting back going again on the bike. Also started building a set of dirt jumps after work to keep busy so posted a pic of the beginning of that.

Anyways I will let you know a little more when i write next and give you more insight to a day in the life trail building here in NZ. Hopefully there will be some more WynTV action not far away too!

Until then thats it from me,


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