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Wyn Masters

Don’t really have one


New Plymouth, New Zealand generally for no longer than a month or so a year, most of the year is spent traveling riding racing elsewhere.



Riding bikes, don’t really play much other sport apart from the odd game of backyard cricket.

What bike are you riding this season?
Lapierre DH920

Home Track?
Mangamahoe Forest, Taranaki

Favourite track?
Ride don’t slide in Whistler

Favourite track name?
the widow maker.

Favourite terrain?
Fresh steep tracks through native bush in NZ, nothing like ripping some loamy turns.

Worst terrain?
Flat sections in DH tracks, well for a start it aint “downhill”.

Biggest injury?
Crashed off a drop aged 12 and put my handlebar with no bar ends in to my stomach and it went through my stomach liner was out for maybe a month, it wasn’t too painful apart from at the hospital where the doctor had to put his hand in the cut to see how deep it was..that part hurt!

Favourite music?
Bit of everything try to mix it up a bit.

Recommend an album?
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, greatest hits

Favourite Fiveten and Burgtec products?
Burgtec Penthouse MK3 sickest pedals out there! And any Fiveten shoe with stealth rubber!

Favourite Vice? Why? (thing you like doing but you know you shouldn’t eg junk food)
Turning one beer in to one dozen..woops

Favourite movie?Why?
199 Lives Travis Pastrana story, cause of all he has achieved and how he has done what he wanted all along.

What makes you tick what makes you want to ride?
Dunno what it is but just can’t beat that feeling on two wheels no matter if its riding down to the shops or getting loose on the Dh bike.

What makes you want to race?
To know where I am and that buzz you get being on the edge when the clock is ticking.

What do you love about racing what do you hate about racing?
Having a good day and getting a good result, and also all the mates that you have through the race scene. Hate crashing or having a shit result.

Recommended reading for road trips?
Just finished reading MP: The Life of Michael Peterson, sick book bout an Aussie surfing legend in the 70’s

Favourite road trip and fondest memory from that trip?
Probably having the van break down and having to buy a small car to continue on, attaching 5 bikes to a tiny hatch back.

Claim to fame?
Dunno probably being NZ Downhill champ.

Best piece of downhill advice you were given?
Don’t push yourself too hard in race run.

What got you into racing mountain bikes in the first place?
Dirt jumping and stuff when I was around 11 always been on the 26inch wheels though

When did you start?
Age 11

First race and memory of that day?
Some XC race, took a wrong turn that eventually worked out for the better.

What was the result?
After the short cut the wrong turn gave me i think I got 3rd.

First bike you raced on?
GT Palomar

South Star Shuttles, T.H.E helmets and clothing, clothing, Rockstar Racing, Taranaki Elite Athletes Foundation, Leatt Brace, E*Thirteen, and of course Burgtec!

First sponsor?
Rockstar Racing

Why did they sponsor you?
Cause someone else put in a good word for me way back when i was around 13, funnily enough they still help me out today.

Other hobbies?
Going fishing every now and again, dirt jumping.

Do you train?
If so what exercise do you do? Yeah I do, get out on the road or XC bike a bit do core exercises and all sorts of stuff.

The result your most proud of?
Probably being NZ DH Champ this year.

1 paragraph about your personal/professional achievements?
Finishing school for a start and passing too, also working in the mines in Australia for a fair while to get the funds to race my first World Cup season. Winning NZ DH Champs, Under 17, Under 19 and Elite. 2nd in Oceania Champs last year. Winning Oceania 4x champs this year.

1 paragraph about what you have been doing last year?
Racing and riding my bike all over the world and pretty much doing the best I can to live my dream. Raced my first full World Cup season last year and then working in Portugal building Mtb tracks for 3 months at the end of the race season.

2007- Any particular riding goals/ambitions for this year?
Just to be as consistent as I can and to break in to the top 20, and to continue having fun riding my bike!

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