Wyn Masters Update – Look away if you’re of squeamish disposition

So it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I hit the deck in Nelson, whist racing Round 4 of the NZ DH Cup, here’s a run down on what happened down there.

It was my last practice run before racing was due to kick of and was coming in to a steep chute and went to hop in to it at the top of it but caught a loose rock as I took off and then I came short and went for an over the bars excursion, I ended up falling probably around 4 meters and landed on pretty much a rock garden, I smashed my helmet pretty bad and even blew my goggle lense out from the force of it, so I came out with a solid concussion. I think my arm must have taken the first impact as it snapped both bones below the elbow, one came out of the skin and even out of my race shirt and in to the dirt before going back in to my arm on the next impact. I am sure my Leatt brace did its job as I had big marks on my shoulders from where my helmet had pushed on it.

It took a while to get off the hill as it was a very difficult spot to access and I was going to get a chopper but after nearly an hour of waiting to hear if the chopper was coming or not, I was told I would have to walk which wasn’t the most comfortable thing as even though my arm was in a splint it was still moving around, I was lucky to have a pain relief whistle from the First Aid guy’s which i promptly finished the first bottle in 5 minutes and they had to get someone to bring another one down to me, it was good stuff almost like being really drunk, which at the time was pretty good.

When I finally got to the hospital I was put through to surgery pretty quickly which I was happy about, that anesthetic was good stuff too, I remember talking some shit when I woke up I didn’t even know what I was on about or where I was. I spent three days on the hospital and then was let out for what ended up being only a few days as I had to go back in cause my arm got infected, which apparently happens to most people with compound breaks. So I had to go under surgery again in order for them to clean all of my arm out and then had to stay another four days on antibiotics to make sure it was ok before they let me out. Once out I flew home which is where I am now I was glad to get home after a week in hospital!

I have just started training again yesterday which feels good after a couple of weeks of doing nothing sitting in bed its good to be back training and I am working towards being back stronger than before and ready to go for Round two of the World Cup Series in Fort William, Scotland, I am already amping to get back on the bike so the time off should do me some good.

I just want to thank everyone that helped me out all the First Aid guys and then everyone who visited me when I was in hospital or sent messages, I really appreciate it. I want to say a big thank you to everyone at Wide Open for supporting me for the 2011 NZ season, I am gutted I cant be in Dunedin this weekend defending my NZ title for you guys! I also want to thank my personal sponsors Backflips clothing, THE, Leatt Brace, Infamous Designs, Loaded Isotonic drinks, Adidas Eyewear, Pinstripe and Burgtec.

Also my thoughts are with everyone down in Christchurch at the moment.


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