Val Di Sole HOT or NOT

Aaron Gwin: HOT First guy ever to win 5 world cups in one season and wasn’t seen at a single after party… If it’s dry for worlds I think he stands a good chance of winning.

Danny Hart: HOT Another 2nd place and totally killing it again. Has to be a favourite for Worlds. Seems to be everyone’s new favourite rider to watch. I saw on Facebook his Dads brought a 250 two stroke, if he gets a two smoker that’ll up his credibility even more.

Gee Atherton: HOT 3rd’ is still a good result but I don’t think Gee will be happy with how the seasons gone and not getting a win. He’ll be hungry for 2012 and probably a new main sponsor. He didn’t win a single world cup in 09 and then went on to win the series in 2010. That kind of motivation seems to work well for Gee.

Troy Brosnan: HOT 1st podium for the little guy. Great result going into Worlds. Hands down the fastest junior all year. Has thrown the small light guys don’t carry speed argument out of the window.

Cam Cole: HOT His 2nd podium on the bounce, getting very used to it up there. Like I said after La Bresse he’s a dark horse for a medal at Worlds.

Greg Minnaar: NOT Just a NOT weekend for Greg; seems like Val di Sol is his Achilles heal. He pretty much always gets a podium at Worlds; will that be the case this year? Highly likely.

Brook Macdonald: HOT Sure Brook would have liked another podium but this year has been a total break out year for ‘Bull Dog’ will be interesting to see where he ends up at Worlds.

Matti Lehikoinen: HOT Best result of the year, seems like he’s coming back to his old form.

Matthew Scoles: HOT Pretty much a total privateer, killed it this season. 10th this weekend boosted him to 16th in the series.

Josh Bryceland: NOT Kind of floating around in no mans land in 11th. I was expecting a podium at the minimum. 10th overall and definitely an epic year, 1st podium, separated shoulder, GB national win and plenty of laughs. Worlds next week; one shot deal and hopefully come back with something in the form of either a bronze, silver or gold medal. Would top off an awesome season.

Bernat Guardia Pascal: HOT Fast in qualifying and race, an under the radar threat.

Matt Simmonds: HOT Great to see Simmonds getting right back up there. Great end to the season and he can go into winter healthy and hopefully start next season with the same momentum.

Loic Bruni: HOT 1st year Junior! Totally killing it. Definitely a gold medal threat in Champery. He’s not the favourite to win which is always a good thing at Worlds.

Luke Strobel: HOT Great end to a consistent season now a fully fledged top 20 guy.

Rhys Willemse: HOT His first World Cup of the season. Switched from a Giant at Crankworx to an Anciollotti for this race. Awesome style. He’s on the Aussie Worlds team so we’ll get to see a bit more of him in two weeks. He would be a great investment for a team for 2012.

Eliot Jackson: HOT 3rd fastest American this weekend. I think that’s a fair picture of where’s he’s at in the scheme of things right now. Like Rhys he’ll be a great investment for 2012.

Brendan Fairclough: NOT Injury hampered season. I would really like to see Brendan do well at worlds because it doesn’t seem like anything’s gone right for him this season. I don’t think it’s possible to go from results he’s been getting this year to winning worlds. Even on a track that suits him as much as Champery. Hope I’m wrong and it would make a great story. He’ll be glad to see the back of this season so he can hit the rest button and start over in South Africa in March.

Florent Payet: HOT Good Qualifier and was on for a top ten before he double bogey’ed 30 seconds from the line. Unlucky but definitely made a statement.

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