The World Championships, Fort William 2007

Good old Fort Bill played host to the 2007 World Champs and boy did it go off!!! This year had to be our strongest chance of scooping some Gold. The Junior Field was stacked with the new school pinners who were focused on the win. Miami-Bryce, Sam-borghini and the Gump had to be the favourites all un-clipped and hangin’ loose on Aonach Mor. Sam took a massive crash on the Thursday busting his collar bone, knocking himself out and puking in his lid… Nice!

Rennie was looking so powerful on the pimpest ride in town. Doug (Nathan’s Mechanic) had pulled out all the stops and man what a cool looking bike.

Bren-Dog was looking very patriotic in his Tartan / British coloured kit and was loose as a Goose on the track and flowing real good. Bren was doin some nuts lines on the last rock section and was haulin.

Little Auzzie Pinner Tracy Hannah wasn’t running any body armour and was flat out all the way! Big things are sure to happen to Tracy next year and I’m sure she’ll be charging even harder with Big Bro’s guidance in 2008.

The living legend Steve Peat was there but not looking himself. The recent ankle injury he sustained just held him back. Steve can kill everyone on the right day but this year he’s been unlucky.

So to the racing… Hot favourite Miami punctured whilst on a winning time, such a shame but I’m putting my mortgage on him doing thebusiness in 2008. Josh has showed this year he is true world class and can hang and beat the big guns.

The Gump killed it and walked away with the Gold.. Nice one fella.. respect. Tracy Hannah picked up the Bronze hardware.

Sam won with his ever impressive riding skills but respect goes out to Gee Unit for coming down in the worst conditions and putting some serious pedal power down on the motorway. Greg for riding with a bust shoulder and Steve for sending it big at the finish.

This weekend see’s the return to an old favorite… Maribor. Will Sam keep it wide open and take the series win? Will Steve be on form and will Ruaridh do the double? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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