The goods… DC’s La Bresse HOT or NOT

Who was HOT and who was NOT continue reading to find out.

Greg Minnaar: HOT awesome result. Proved Gwin isn’t infallible which is going to make Worlds even more exciting because all the riders in the chase know he can be beaten. Straight up win by Minnaar.

Gee Atherton: HOT still looking for a win this season. Its Val di Sol in two weeks.

Aaron Gwin: HOT 2011 World Cup Champion. Will be going Bagdad or bust in Val di Sol to be the first guy ever to win 5 world cups in a season.

Fabien Barel: HOT best result of the year and he retires! Far too legit to quit! Someone try and change his mind.

Cam Cole: HOT podiums are always welcome. Steady progress in the series. Dark horse for Worlds. Another medal would look good next to the Junior gold one.

Marc Beaumont: HOT just about. Best result of the year. Very very slight underachievement. I was really hoping he’d podium this weekend and he was so close. 2010 Val di Sol winner, it would be really awesome if he could repeat that and he’s not scared of rising to the occasion.

Steve Smith: NOT 7th is good, but I’m always expecting podium minimum or a first win. Val di Sol next week and he can plough that place. Notice his splits got quicker.

Damien Spagnolo: HOT best result of the season. Good work!

Justin Leov: HOT people always mention the fact that he’s not got a flashy style or whatever. Flashy is getting in the top ten at world cups. I think he’ll podium at Val di Sol.

Ben Cathro: HOT best ever result. Girafe, High Tower call him what you want but he’ll still kick your ass every week. Should get picked up by a big team. Hope it’s the start of something.

Brook Macdonald: HOT still having his best year ever. Medal at Worlds?

Brendan Fairclough: HOT best result of the year. Not where he would like to be but still not bad with a bad knee. Should he go to Worlds? C’mon it’s Champery. After a tough season he’s the ultimate wildcard.

Danny Hart: HOT wasn’t his best result of the year but he’s still right there.

Mickael Pascal: HOT would love to see another podium from him at some point.

Joe Smith: HOT single figure at Val di Sol is very possible.

Harry Heath, Alex Bond and Sam Dale: HOT slightly helped by the changing weather conditions but that’s not there fault. Excellent work no doubt will be a good celebration.

Matt Simmonds and Bernhard Kerr: HOT still both under achieving but getting right back in there.

Eliot Jackson: HOT hasn’t been selected for the US worlds team according to a press release last week. Some one is going to get a bargain with him for 2012.

Andrew Neethling: NOT 33rd is not where he would like to be but he is pushing and I’m sure next season everything will click and consistency will match his speed. Overall podium next year?

Loic Bruni: HOT biggest threat to Troy Brosnan at Worlds.

Troy Brosnan: NOT won’t be happy with 30th. Would you be after 8th at Windham?

Ruaridh Cunningham: NOT but that National Champs jersey is looking good.

Josh Bryceland: NOT very unlucky. There’s about 3-4 guys who are next inline to win a World Cup. I think he’s leading that charge. Minimum a podium at Val di Sol.

Julien Camellini: NOT threw away a top 10. Story of the year, always a top ten threat.

Scott Mears: NOT based purely on the result. Qualifying was perhaps the only fair race this weekend with it being the same conditions for all. 40th was solid. Val di Sol in two weeks Scotty…

Steve Peat: HOT qualified well and was poised for a good result. He lost loads of time after his off track moment trying to get clipped back in. I would imagine that mistake was in his mind for the rest of the run. I think he had a legitimate shot at a win this weekend. Please don’t even think of doing a Barel…

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