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Mont st Anne and windham uci dh WC

Stateside! The Canada and American world cups are 2 of the most prestige events of the year in my opinion because there is such a different mind set and exciting feeling at these rounds. They sort of feel like your on holiday because everything is so surreal from the mental accents to the huge waterfalls and buildings.

Mint st Anne was the first stop and after a cool journey there we turned up to a bit of a damp race after the first day of practises being dry the wet conditions for qualies were a bit of a shock. But everyone had fun and after a 50th place qual run I was happy with that. Sat practises was damp again but a bit cunner and dryer out a lot towards the end of the day. Race day was mega anticipated as this were Gwinnett first race venue back in 08 were he was 10th so everybody expected him to smash it. I was quietly confident at the top of the track and had a mega top section I blasted of of the first woods and had a huge high side right in the fast open turns, ouch but I got up and cracked on, my middle was got then coming into the bottom I had a mechanical preventing me from pedalling. I finished in 68th, not what I was after…
The week leading unto wind ham was real cool we done a few out of the ordinary things which happens when your stateside… Then we turned up at windham and the track looked mega, real flat out with a couple of big gap jumps and some cool turns, this was my thing and I enjoyed practises so much. Sat at the top of the hill I was buzzing for my run, mebies a bit too buzzing as I blew out the 3rd turn and that alone on such a tight short track I think cost me, dnq and ending up in 91st, not a way to end my surreal experience abroad, we spent the remainder of the time depressed in america with a little shopping in new York to cure the pain.

Next stop nat champs then la bresse world cup,

For now, The first iPad edition of a write up,
Keep pushing,

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