Schaldming Day 2

Today the track has dried out a lot and all the riders are pretty much running dry tyres. The weather has been true to the forecast and has been hot and sunny. We walked the track this evening and it is pretty much bone dry apart from the technical section at the bottom. All the breaking bumps are getting really deep and the track is super rough.

The technical woods seem to change every run and more roots appear every run. In there it’s a case of going fast but adapting each run. Lots of teams have coaches in there timing and seeing where the fastest lines are.

All the top guys are pinned today, I would expect a podium that has Hill, Peat, Minnaar, Rennie and Beaumont.

Peaty is going like a man posessed in the woods, and I’m sure he will push Sam to the limit tommorow. The series could be Sam’s if he wins here and Steve is riding with that in mind. Outside podium chances would be Brendan and Blenkinsop. Rennie has gone to bed for an early night so maybe he has something up his sleeve.

Mick Hannah is suffering with a heavy cold and with a track this physical it is going to make it hard work for him. Matti Leikonen had a big crash today and seemed to be pretty dazed. He seemed to get over that ok because I think he posted the 2nd fastest time in timed runs.

All the top guys seem to be studying this track a lot, there is lots of lines and you have to be a swot and do your homework if you want a result. Sabrina was bouncing off a few tree’s in the woods today and the girls race seems to be pretty wide open. Tracey was trucking through the rough stuff today and I’m sure she will be in the mix.

Lopes just won the 4X and another overall title a race early. Jill won the womens and is now sitting pretty in the overall lead in the womens. Guido was second, Polc third and Graves fourth.

Race day is going to be awesome, will update after Qualifying with the results when they happen.

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