Schaldming Day 1

After lots of rain over the last few days coming into this race conditions were pretty damp this morning. Many riders were using spikes, cut down spikes and swamps. Rennie was running full spikes, so was Peaty, Hill and Minnaar. Without being biased all the flat pedal guys have been pinned today, Hill, Rennie, Brendo, Blenkinsop and Kovarik. Usual suspects Minnaar, Peaty and Beaumont were putting down fast run too. Nico was supposed to be racing this round but I haven’t seen him so can’t comment.

The forecast is dry for the next few days so I would think tomorrow will see people going back to intermediate and dry tyres. The sky looks pretty stormy so we might be in for some more rain yet.

The track has a few changes and fresh new sections which seem to be catching most people out. The main alterations are a small new top section and instead of the switchbacks under the gondola we now have a new large root section. This is steep and rammed with polished white roots.

Today we have signed up Aussie Pinner Tracy Hannah, after her recent spate of podiums and lack of support we have hooked her up with Hubs, Stem and Bars. She is a really nice girl and deserves more support than she gets so we are pleased to help her out. She went for Disco Hubs and Micks mechanic Giacamo Angelli is building them just across from us now. Oscar Saiz came by today because he wanted to try some wider bars, he went for the high rise and has just put them on trimmed to 730mm.

Hopefully a few guys can lay down some hot runs and push Sam Hill.

05 winner Gee Atherton said he’s feeling the track so will hopefully do well on Sunday. The Atherton’s have been doing some rad shit in 4X doubling things up as other watch on. 4X Qualifying is on now, the timing doesn’t seem to be working very well and some of the girls had to do re-runs. From what I can make out Polc qualified fastest just in front of Gee, Lopes and Graves. Dan Atherton and Scott Beaumont were in the top ten too.

I heard a rumour today that the European Champs in Greece have been cancelled, I don’t know if this is true or not.

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