Sam Dale’s bike check on

Burgtec rider Sam Dale’s new steed is an impressive one. Sam walks you through his bike on on a cold and wet Sunday at the first BDS at Nant G.

Sam at round 2 of the British Downhill Series Moelfre.

Bike Check: Sam Dale’s Sunn Radical – More Mountain Bike Videos

2 Responses to “Sam Dale’s bike check on”

  1. gabe Says:

    no burgtec stem? and your sponsered by burgtec.infact whenever i see photos of burgtec riders they never run the burgtec stem. im starting to feel like i wasted my money on mine…..

  2. Burgtec Says:

    Hi Gabe

    Unfortunately Sam and Josh are only sponsored for pedals only as there teams won’t let them run the bars and stems. Harry and Scotty run the complete package but we are looking for other riders to run the complete package.

    Which riders would you sponsor and why?

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