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Nickname and why?
Big SD, im not small and my initials are SD


Macclesfield or the South of France



Downhill MTB

What bike are you riding this season?
Mondraker Summum

Home Track?
Faggoty woods

Favourite track?

Favourite track name?
Yammy Rut

Favourite terrain? Why?
Steep and loose, its so much fun

Worst terrain? Why?
Flat bog, Its not fun.

Biggest injury? Collar bone in 4 pieces at fort william world champs, it didn’t hurt because i remember nothing from that day. Haha, i had 2 operations on it and didn’t ride for about 5-6 months.

Favourite music?

Recommend an album?
Classic driving rock

Favourite Burgtec products?
Penthouse flats

Favourite Vice? Why? (thing you like doing but you know you shouldn’t eg junk food) eating junk food, it tastes so good!

Favourite movie?
Happy Gilmore, i learnt how to hit a golf ball 400 yards.

What makes you tick? what makes you want to ride?
Dunno, i want to ride everday

What makes you want to race?
I like a challange

What do you love about racing what do you hate about racing?
I love getting rad on a fast flat right hander, i hate punctures

Recommended reading for road trips?
Racer x, and 40 plus

Favourite road trip and fondest memory from that trip?
Not sure which one is best, ones that involve motorbikes are good.

Claim to fame?
Breaking bike parts, good job burgtec things don’t break!

Best piece of downhill advice you were given? And who from?
Have fun, from my Dad

What got you into racing mountain bikes in the first place?
Reading MBUK on holiday once

When did you start?
8 years ago

First race and memory of that day?
Xc race, i got smoked on the uphill but then battled my way to 2nd on the downhill

What was the result?

First bike you raced on?
Sunn notion!

S.i.Sealy associates, wd bathrooms, Mondraker ,burgtec, fox racing shox, shimano, sunline, maxxis, royal, sixsixone,, fenwicks, e*thirteen, SDG.

First sponsor?

Why did they sponsor you?
I was winning

Other hobbies?
Riding moto, playing driving range.

Do you train? If so what exercise do you do?
Yeah i train, i run, swim, go to the gym, ride bikes, and ride moto.

The result your most proud of?
Ermm, 2nd at worlds was good, i was 18th overall.

1 paragraph about your personal/professional achievements?
I have been National champion, vice national 4x champion, national points series champion, vice junior world champion, 3rd in the junior overall world cup, a few top 20s in the worldcups, and won plenty of regional/national races, and ixs cups.

1 paragraph about what you have been doing last year?
Last year wasn’t good for me, i got my bike a week before the first worldcup, then after 3 races i got glandular fever, so stayed in bed for a few months. I got rid of that just before schladming so since then ive been training and loving being able to ride again.

Any particular riding goals/ambitions for this year?
Top 20’s at world cups.

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