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ups and downs
June 28th, 2011
Well its been a while since my last blog, Ive had some ups and downs since then.

After a disappointing result in South Africa i went to Fort William with a clear head, The track builders had done a bit of work there, trying to make it flow better and i was feeling good. Qualification came around and a had a pretty good run, I was 16th at the last split but then cruised the motorway and ended up 23rd. Race day came around and i didn’t realise till after but id put alot of pressure on myself, i wanted to impress my family, friends and team. I set off but after about a minute in a came into a turn bait quick and went straight over the bugger! I thought i was going to go down hard but somehow held it and landed in a bog about 10meters off track, I landed on my side in this bog and put my hand in it to try and get up, my hand sunk pretty deep so i had a slippy grip for the rest of the run which was shite and the push back up the hill was more slippy than a durex. I lost alot of time but still trucked on to try and get the best result i could. I was pretty pissed off after, and went and lay in some grass on my own for a bit. Id forgotten why i was there, and wasn’t thinking straight.

The week after i flew to Leogang in Austria for the next round of the worldcup, The track was pretty similar to the year before so it didn’t take much practice before i was feeling fast. I had another chilled qualifying and finished 22nd so again was feeling good for the race. My race run was going well i stalled a little towards the start but soon got into it and was enjoying myself. After being a second up on 16th place at the last split and coming into the steeper tech section where i could make up more time i came out of a left hander and slid on a wooden bridge, When i gripped on the dirt again it spat me off track and down a big bank. I tried my best to get back on the bike as soon as possible but the job was f****d. Ive watched it back on freecaster and lost around 20seconds. Going from my final time it would of put me on the edge of a top 10.
The first person i saw when i got through the finish was my manager, He looked at me and said, don’t worry sambo, the speed is there, the result will come soon. I was later told that day a quote from some motorbike racer which is “you can teach a fast rider not to crash, but you cant teach a slow rider to go fast” these both made me feel better and gave me something positive to take away from that weekend.

I had a weekend at home after that so it was good to get some training in and a bit of time to chill out too. I went to wales for a few days with my new gun and my ttr, i had a real good few days so big thanks to the brewins for once again looking after me as if i was one of their own!

The following weekend was a BDS, its actually the closest race to my house which only takes an 1hr15 to get there! The rat and I met at Tescos, had a little food shop then set off in convoy, We got the for dinnertime so knocked up some scran and played a bit of wheel. Its a game where you have a wheel with a tyre blown up on it and bounce it to each other, pretty basic but good fun!

We then set about setting up our pits for the weekend, There isn’t alot of flat land in the field where we parked but after digging a few holes and getting some wooden ramps out we soon had the most level pits in the whole field!

That night it pissed it down non stop, so i got some of the new hutchinson spikes on for the mornings practice. Gazzer Brewin, Jim Stock, Rat and i were the first riders down the track, it was a mud fest, but really good fun. Throughout the day it gradually dried up so the dry tyres went back on and we all had grins from ear to ear!

With it being so close to home and being on an open hillside my mum brought my nana and grandad out for a day trip! My auntie and uncle turned up and so did my brother, his wife, and some of their mates. I was relaxed and was having a good time hanging out with family and letting them know who was who and what was going on. After seeding i was in 7th place, but only 2 seconds off first, i didn’t have a very good run so was feeling good for finals, I had a 3 hour wait so sunbathed for a bit and had some food. Then headed up for the race.

When we arrived at the start some poor kid had hurt himself on track, so we had a 50minute delay while he was scraped up which lead to more sunbathing! I felt pretty chilled when i was in the start, rat was next rider down so we had a chat n watched steve the power peat put a new rut down the first start straight! then it was my go! i tried my best to put down as much power as steve and was at the first turn faster than id been there all weekend, i got into a good rhythm and had loads of fun! i came down into first, 3 seconds up on 2nd but not for long, i was in the sweat seat for less than a minute when rat came and put 1.2 into my time. No one else managed to go faster than me so it was a 1st for rat and 2nd for me, I was more stoked about holding it together for a full race run after my performances at the last two world cups than the 2nd place but looking back i am happy with that. There were some world cup podium riders there and its not a bad day if you beat them!

Im on the way to Mount Saint Anne now and i cant wait to get back on my bike!

Big thanks to Sunn, Montgenevre, S.i.Sealy,, Burgtec, Five Ten, Optic, POC, Marzocchi, Formula, Hutchinson, Antiodote Solutions, American Classic, MRP, Sram, Truvativ, Hotel Le Chalet Blanc, Powerbar and Burgtec

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