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So, its begun, well i guess it begun a while ago when i set off to spain for the month, but just recently its being getting pretty hectic. I wanted to get a few races under my belt before the first World Cup, So i got entered in the first 2 BDS at Nant G and Moelfre and then flew out to Spain to race in Vigo. Ill cut it short and not bore you with the details but Nant G went well, I finished 6th against a good bunch of racers and learnt a fair bit that weekend, so i was happy, then vigo didn’t go well at all, id had alot to deal with at home then got a dirty cold so by the time i was there i was hangin out me own arse! I finished 18th with a piss poor run which aint good so the sooner i got out of there the better.

I had less than 24hours at home to unpack, wash, dry, pack, eat and sleep then get to the airport to come to San Remolo. For those of you who don’t know this track i don’t think you want to! Its got sand, roots, ruts, rocks, drops, clay, slab, sprint sections, huge compressions and is over 4.30 minutes long which makes a good test track. Stephan who’s my trainer and also team manager has organised a pretty intense 5 days testing, out here there is Julien (Camelini) Simon Andre (Enduro Racer), Kevin (mechanic) Fred from Antidote Solutions, Stephan (the manager),Stephan #2 from Marzocchi and last but not least is Arnaud from Formula. Between them they know everything there is to know about Bikes and when your riding a gnarly track like this they have lots of advice to make it easier for me. I did 10 runs today, which is pretty much 50minutes of riding time which is alot on such a physical track and ive got the same for the next few days. Im really looking forward to it because i know theres plenty to learn!

Being back at home after spain was sweet, i got plenty of training done and had what some could say too much fun doing it! Ive been following my program that ive got from Stephane Girard at Optimal Training which has a good mixture of everything so never gets boring, but getting a little carried away by a few different things. One being a shiny little blue thing with two wheels and a 125cc engine in-between them, Me and a few mates have these rad little blue fellas but another mate (the rat) has gone and bought a little red thing, so there are plenty of races going down almost every other day to make sure the blues are staying on top! As you can imagine this does become pretty tiering, and now the clocks have changed it means we will be getting an extra hours racing in! Not only have we being racing them but after a few races we will alter the track, grade the gravel turns, fill in any footpeg grabber ruts and throw in a new jump here n there so there’s a fair bit of shovel time going down too.

Im not shy to a bit of work with a shovel, Ive had Labouring jobs which includes lots of digging but i get a buzz off building tracks, especially pumptracks. This leads me to talk about my second distraction, my beautiful, handcrafted oval with figure of 8 front garden pumptrack! The dirt ive been using is pretty sandy stuff that drains well, which is ideal because of the amount of rain we have in england, but the only downside to it is its a right bastard to pack down, ive found the best way is to leave it for a few weeks because it doesn’t matter how much i hit it it just doesn’t go hard! This waiting technique can be a bit of a problem though. Its pretty hard to build a pumptrack, especially a small tight one like mine, everything has to be in the right place, not too steep, not to close to the next mound of dirt etc, so after waiting a few weeks for it to be hard enough to ride and going arse over tit because somethings in the wrong place doesn’t fill me with joy! So after weeks and weeks of waiting, testing, then rebuilding then waiting again ive finally got it pretty much spot on! I had a mint session on it just before i set off to Vigo with good friend Alex Stock, we were hitting every line id planed to be ridable and it was mint! I cant wait to get back home to have a few laps on it.

Cheers for reading, hope your all good.

Big thanks to Team Sunn Montgenevre, S.I.Sealy, Burgtec, Sporting Minds, Action Camers, Poc, Antidote Solutions, Marzocchi, Sram, Formula, Truvativ, American Classic, Hutchinson, Mrp, Hotel Le Chalet Blanc, SDG, Powerbar.

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