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Xmas Clearance 40% off Pedals only a few sets remaining once there gone they are gone!

Introducing the new Penthouse Flat Mk3s Burgtec’s best ever pedal. How do you improve on a World cup winning pedal? We kept the best aspects of the mk2 pedal, surface area, pin position and durability. These were factored into the design of the mk3s.

There are 3 major changes to the pedal design

Lower Profile
The thinner pedal allows better ground clearance.

Lighter Weight
A pair of mk3 pedals are 250 grams lighter than a pair of mk2 pedals. A major concern of racers nowadays is weight. But our major priority is reliability. Yes you can buy lighter pedals on the market but we make sure our pedals will last a minimum of 3 seasons of solid race abuse. That’s why we offer a 3 year warranty on the body and axle of the pedal.

Unique Pin Design
Which allows damaged pins to be taken out with ease. Where most pedals take the pin through the pedal which can lead the pin braking off and damaging the body. The new pin comes up through the pedal which allows you to remove the pin no matter how damaged the head is. Also the the pin head has been designed with a breaking point that no matter how hard you hit an obstacle it will break before ripping the pin out.


Colours: Black, silver, snow camo, red, purple, blue
Huge surface area & pin design ensure grip when you need it most
22mm thin pedal profile
Easy to remove pins
Pin has 4mm diameter and is diamond knurled for added traction
1.5mm Dish allows your feet to sit into the pedal, increasing grip
Fully CNCed pedal body machine from aircraft grade 204 2TG Aluminium billet
Unique pedal body design allows all pins to be removed
Weight 550g with steel axles. With Ti axles To be confirmed
Titanium axles available from mid December 09
Price £150 Steel axles
Price £185 Ti axles

Internal Specification

Super strong axles for maximum power transfer from rider to bike
Dual sealed bearing arrangement for smoother running
3-Stage process on axle: plasma coating, nickel-plating, titanium nitriding
Axles made from the finest EN24 T steel
Fully serviceable every part is replaceable
Maintenance made easy. Simple design allows for easy pedal repairs

10 Responses to “Burgtec Penthouse Flats”

  1. Isaac Says:

    A hoi hoi Burgtec – 2 weeks ago I picked up a set of these at my fav LBS, For the Riders in Brisbane, Q, Oz. I’ve thrown down about 40 runs since then; rain, mud, hail n shine and all I can say is wicked – best flat pedal I’ve ridden in 20yrs!

  2. LUIS Says:


  3. Vittorio Says:

    Hi there,
    I need to buy a set of replacement pins for Mk3. Chain reaction has been out of stock for ages. Where can I buy them from ?

  4. NeilB Says:

    These pedals are unbeatable and pretty much bombproof,
    I really do love mine.
    Your feet feel so stable and planted it’s amazing.
    Thanks Burgtec.

  5. mario govers Says:

    is it possible to give me some advise “how to change/use new bearingkit”???

    Thx allready !!!


  6. Burgtec Says:

    Hi Mario

    Yeah no problem.

    Tools needed

    15mm spanner and 10mm spanner

    remove end cap with a 15mm spanner.

    Place 15mm spanner on the axle and the 10mm spanner on the nylock nut and remove the nylock nut.

    Once the nylock nut has been removed this will allow you to pull the axle out.

    Remove the axle and take out the old internals and seal.

    The old bush will be still inside so push that through the body by placing the spacer on top of the bush and tap it through.

    Once old the old internals have been removed clean out the barrel on the pedal removing any dirt and debris

    Now to put the new internals in. Push the new bush in we recommend using a press. Your local bike shop should have one.

    Put the seal on

    Grease the bush

    Then put bearing, 2 shims, bearing, spacer, washer (only use washer if the axles are silver not gold).

    Put axle in and put the nylock nut on the top and tighten back up. Just tighten the nylock nut up don’t hang off it.

    Then put the end cap on tighten that up and the pedal should be rebuilt

    Any problems let me know. Give me a call or send them back in if you need me to service them.

    Cheers Dave

  7. Burgtec Says:

    Keep an eye on the site, these should be up soon. Hopefully with a video too.

  8. John b Says:

    Hello my ti axle broke, was wondering if I can send my peddles to you for an over haul?

  9. Burgtec Says:

    Hi John

    Yes no problem. Send to Burgtec, Edge Hill Farm, Top Congleton Edge, Congleton, Cheshire, CW123NB.




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