MK3 Pedal Production

The Penthouse Flat MK3s in production

Just thought I would update people on the progress of the new Burgtec Penthouse Flat MK3s. As you can see we are in full flow production of the pedal at the moment. The first batch will be ready in 2 weeks. The pedals are currently at the Anodisers getting their colour on. I can’t wait to check out the special colours that have been done. Both and I-cycles shops have had special colours done so I’ll get some photos of them up on the site when I get them back.


Factory 2

Billets of material waiting to go in the CNC machine.

Factory 3

Finished pedals waiting to go to the Anodisers

Factory 4

Factory 5

Bob’s not a fan of getting his picture took!

Factory 6

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