Maribor World Cup Finals 2007

Maribor is a classic race venue and its absence from recent World Cup calendars has been missed by all the riders. To hear that we would be going back there for the Final this year brought a grin to everyone’s face!

The track has a good mix of everything. The top is a loamy loose wood which is then followed by some high speed berms, then into the technical rock section, then pretty much flat out in the tree’s to the final couple of jumps.

Practicing the track was really good fun and everyone was enjoying the track. Rennie was having a bit of a tough time due to popping his shoulder out on the first day. Josh was doing trains with Marc Beaumont and Donny, hopping his way side to side down the track. It was really cool just hanging out and doing some runs with your mates. Peaty was struggling with his now infected foot from all the glue and tape to get him down Fort William the weekend before. Brendan was grinning from ear to ear as usual loving the drifty turns.

Oscar seemed to be out to prove a point and was going well in practice and backed this up with 11th in the final. After a run of hard luck it was good to see Oscar get this result, especially considering he was in the top 5 at the split. Nice one mate! Tracey Hannah was pinned through the rocks and seemed to be going as fast as the guys, lots of big teams are interested in the young Aussie for 08. The future battle’s in the girls looks like its going to be between Tracey and Rachel Atherton. I spoke to Will Longden after the second day of practice and he said that Kovarik was looking ridiculously fast. In the finals he had a good split but had problems down the bottom of the course. Peaty had a steady qualifier and punctured in the finals, he slipped from 2nd to 3rd in the series. When Peaty got up on the podium he got the biggest cheer out of all the riders, he is the people’s favourite for sure. Barel knocked himself out in Qualifying and apparently couldn’t remember anything from the last two weeks, I wonder who had to tell him he missed out on a third World Championship by less than a second? Glad it wasn’t m

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03rd : Tracey Hannah – Hubs, Fox Stanchion Mansion and Ride Wide bars
08th : Brendan Fairclough – Penthouse Flats
09th : Josh Bryceland – Penthouse Flats
11th : Oscar Saiz – Penthouse Flats, Ride Wide Bars, Boxxer Stem 40mm
25th : Nathan Rennie – Penthouse Flats and 60mm Boxxer Stem
56th : Ruaridh Cunningham – Fox Stanchion Mansion and Ride Wide Bars
78th : Steve Peat – 60mm Boxxer Stem

Things switched about in the overall standings, Josh Cleaned up in the Junior Men’s World Cup and this is the second time we have won this with Brendan winning it last season. We always said consistency wins championships! Ruaridh was a distant second, but after winning the worlds.

I’m sure he wasn’t too stressed by this. Tracey ended up 3rd overall andshows her consistency at the top after a bronze medal at the worlds. Tracey is back to Oz for the winter and she said her Dad has already got her atraining plan done. Jeez let the girl have a rest! Brendan was 12th which is cool considering his injury at round 1. Rennie had an injury prone seasonand he ended up 13th, he will be out for blood in 08. Expect big things…

All that’s left now is the last national and that’s it for another year.Flat Pedals did the World Champs and the Overall, that’s a first time ever. And its the first time since 99 that the same person did the double. Thatwas Nico… Josh will be the next person to do this.

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