Limited Edition MK3 Penthouse Flats

Limited Edition Penthouse Flat Mk3 Colours

As per usual at Burgtec when we release a new product we like to make sure we do something extra trick. So we done some special colours for good customers. These are just a sample of a few we have had done. green. Dave and Adam wanted some to match the Biketart logo. We also did the boys a one off green Boxxer stem as well. Send Dave an email at [email protected]
Bike Tart Green
I-Cycles Splash. These super cool pedals will be staying up at I-Cyles in Innerleithen. Call Stevie Deas on 01896 833848
I-cycles Camo
We have also done a pair of Gold Mk3 for a good customer.
If you want a special colour speak to your local bike shop and get them to give us a ring and we will see what we can sort out.

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