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the weekend after leogang was a bit of a hectic one for me, Steve’s birthday was on the friday so we ended up going to watch a stone roses cover band in barnsley. i set out with good intentions but one thing led to another and when i finally got kicked out the second time i realised i was rather tipsy! woops. the next day i was sneaking my way the country lane to llangollen at about 12 oclock when i met a van with a load of bikes in the back doing shuttles. as we pulled up next to them i looked in and saw Garry ‘the billboard’ brewin alex bond and joe smith to name a few. “im fucked” i thought to myself, bloody local heros! me loose dog, TK and nonneth ended up doing 3 runs before going for a chippy i couldnt even keep up with those boys never mind the LBZ!! haha

after a pretty chilled week it was time to load up again and piss off for the weekend. i met Sambo at Tescos in macc and we got our average speed on, three laning it to llangollen. we arrived well early just two eager beavers and set about our mischief for the weekend with mr billboard in his Landrover and sams gun… yeehaawwwwww.
practice got underway bright and early on saturday morning Sambo was first rider down a groomed track and i was on his tail just loving life shouting at him, to be fair there was a lot of shouting going on during riding the whole weekend, watch saturdays dirt TV and you can hear it. it was mint just ripping it up way too fast for a first run but we didn’t care we were like pigs in shit. the queus for the lift got pretty intense but to be fair i got 5 runs in well easily could have done 7 i reckon, the people who were moaning about not getting enough in simply didnt get up early enough… uplift opens at 8:30, make the most of it or shut up IMO. yeah ill admit it queuing isnt fun and i did have a small moan but it was no one else’s fault if you only did 4 runs. although i’m sure for national champs it will be running smoother
Saturday night consisted of pasta, Guinness and a funny track walk with the boys! me and loosedog slept in hotel transit with the door open which was pretty cool, we were talking about sleeping on the grass just in the field me sam and josh but i think we all kind of bottled it, either way i probly would have got scared in the night and climbed in the van aha i didnt mind though because loose was nearest the door so the burglars would have got him first! and on the plus side the van didnt quite smell of man musk like i would have done when i was eating breakfast in bed.
I had had so much fun over the course of the weekend that honestly i thought that my result would pay the price, i didn’t hold onto this thought but it did cross my mind! after seeding i thought toby (microphone on head, microphone in hand) said i was 4 seconds down… hmmm thats alot to make up but when i checked it was only 1.9 down and that seemed more feasible. after that it was just hang out in the pits for a couple of hours vibing with kyffo, cruzing the pits on my blur XC and non stop checking out the Hottie Monster had working for them! man i wanted to get her in the transit. i was stoked to have andy kyffin on my bike again he does such a sweet job, when i got on the bike sunday morning it felt like it had just come straight out of the box brand new… what a legend! get yourselfs to the northwest mountain bike centre in cheadle people if you want your rig race prepping as sweet as mine!
by the time it came to get upto the top, it was a bit rushed due to poor communication between the top and bottom so we all arrived like 1hour30 early and it true ratboy fashion i decided getting a tan was my priority but after being in the sun all day it didnt take long before i was feeling proper sun stroked and i had to have a little time out and battled to get myself together for a warm up… silly boy.
my run was sick, i just went fast and proper attacked the whole course without the slightest break in concentration, that is the beauty of such a short track, for me anyway! i death gripped into the last three drops and nearly seriously regretted it but the spaghetti arms managed to hold me up and the sprint to the line was intense! i don’t know what i was happier to see when i crossed the line, Sambo with his big grin in second or kyffo bouncing round stoked as or becky vogueing it up!! it was a good feeling when no one beat me i haven’t felt it for some time and also how happy everyone seemed for me. It was only a national yes but this year the competition has been tight and britiain has such a strong array of riders.
hope that didnt bore you too much, and sorry for no pics
Huge thanks to all the poeple who make it happen!! keeping the dream alive

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