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The wildout boys CRUZ’ed into town in the thursday morning just before track walk.

Last year for me leogang was a disaster, after a crash in quali then a bigger one in race run i left with a DNF, a concussion and a shoulder injury (
Josh Bryceland crash in wc #3 Leogang >>
). This year i hoped things could only get better!

They had done a great job on the track and friday practice was dry meaning 5 runs in good conditions was a lot of fun! The cloud was looming all day but it didnt start to rain untill after i had walked the track around tea time.

Saturday morning it was a different track. The top section had deep ruts on every turn and the roots in the woods had got fairly slick… fortunately it dried up quick meaning by quali it was pretty fast again.

i ended up in 7th after a mediocre top section but a solid middle and bottom. i was stoked with this but i knew if more rain came then it would be a tough race the following day.

this time no sooner had the 300 riders torn the poor thing apart, the heavens opened and it rained all night long… lionel richie style!!

The next morning the track was beat, the upper section was really sticky and it made carrying speed extremely hard work. All the motorway/bikepark style parts linking each section up had become like a sponge taking all your effort to clear what were before easy jumps.

As the day went on the track was getting dryer and when i was on my way to the pits to get ready i checked the birds results and they were only 5 seconds slower than quali!

long and short of it was that right before our runs me and greg changed from wetscream’s to the new High Roller 2′s on Steves word that the track had dried out enough to get away with it.

Go Time: second turn i came in hot, hit the brakes and realised i was going to have to take it easy until i got into some ruts. i railed the first section and got onto this shady wooden bridge went to give it some huge licks and slipped both pedals and ball rode feet dragging right into a harsh pedalling section… ideal. this left me unable to do the jumps and more tired from trying to get back up to speed. the rest of my run went pretty well besides a few sketchy moments as i got nearer to the finish! i came down into 7th which is always a lame feeling but i had also managed not to crash and ending up 11th wasn’t so bad in the end!

That night the usual MTB after party took place, loads of guys stinking out in a cramped bar. Cedric Was going off as per, stoked with his top ten (as he should be… yeah the chef) and when he just jumped off a table and tried to crowd surf an oblivious Ratboy i cant believe he didnt get hurt hahaha!!!!

doug Fresh once again kept my bike tight all weekend and we had a well funny moment before qualifying. He was working on my bike and i walked over to see what was happening and he’s all “Hey josh, do you know that song, george of the jungle?” so i’m like “course dougy every one knows that song, and start to sing: george george george of the jungle” as i stop dougs just looking at me and he goes “and then…” wanting me to continue, being slow i still hadn’t realised what was going on, then as soon as i carry on “watch out for that….” doug just creases up and so did i and we just starting play fighting and it was a proper moment to remember!!!!

so, that all for now! hope you enjoyed the story!!

just want to say a huge thanks to all the Syndicate for a great couple of weeks and obviously all the sponsors which make it happen!

Santa Cruz Syndicate,
Fox Head,
Monster Energy,
Smith Optics,
Velo accounts,
Gore® RideOn™ Cable Systems

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