Harry Heath Rider Profile

Harry Heath

Bazra bomb nation. Harry went to Barry then Bazra obviously? Then there was a war in Bazra so the nation was getting bombed it all adds up.


Congo, U.k

5′ 11”

11.5 stone


What bike are you riding this season?
Giant glory

Home Track?
Congo edge

Favourite track?
Schladming wc but I always crash there.

Favourite track name?
Run of the ken

Favourite terrain?
Moist and loamy

Worst terrain?
A new track on wet clay, you don’t really ride that shit.

Biggest injury, how long were you out for?
Biggest injury was breaking my wrist get hit by a car the most painful thing was not having a right hand for 6 weeks

Favourite music?
Whatever is on the apple mac white at the time

Recommend an album?
Any iron maiden

Favourite Burgtec products?
Burgtec mk111 penthouse flats

Favourite Vice? Why? (thing you like doing but you know you shouldn’t eg junk food)
No comment

Favourite movie?
Green mile. Watch it and find out

What makes you tick what makes you want to ride?
I tick because I ride and ride because I tick

What makes you want to race?
To win

What do you love about racing what do you hate about racing?
I love getting the result and wicked tracks. I hate it when I can’t get my flow and shit uplifts.

Recommended reading for road trips?
Don’t read on road trips you will get car sick

Favourite road trip and fondest memory from that trip?
Euro road trip doing a few Ixs races and hitting as many aqua parks as possible. We tried going 6 people up on a rubber raft and I ended up stuck underneath with my shorts getting burnt by the plastic walls and my ass hanging out.

Claim to fame?
Being one of the congo kerb crawlers

Best piece of downhill advice you were given? And who from?
Stop thinking and go fast

What got you into racing mountain bikes in the first place?
I always wanted to go out riding with my old man and that sparked the competitiveness of wanting to be faster than him.

When did you start?
Did my first race when I was 14 but rode all my life

First race and memory of that day?
First race was at hopton castle and I had no race kit then so I was in the pissing rain only shorts and tea shirt

What was the result?
23rd in youth cat and getting beat by 45 seconds

First bike you raced on?
Orange 223

Cycle store, Broxap, Five ten, Burgtec, Fox, Funn, Hope

First sponsor?
Cycle store

Why did they sponsor you?
I worked there

Other hobbies?
Buying items off ebay for my van, went over the top on buying speakers recently

Do you train? If so what exercise do you do?
Some gym weights and cardio

The result your most proud of?
Winning a junior national and being 5th in elite

1 paragraph about your personal/professional achievements?
Its been a learning curve over the last few years moving from a youngster on the nationals to wc elite and now its time to put it into practice.

1 paragraph about what you have been doing last year?
I did my first full year of world cups last year only missing South africa but other than that its been business as usual riding and getting on it

Any particular riding goals/ambitions for this year?
Consistent top 20 in the world cups is the main one but there are loads of little ones

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