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South Africa world cup is one I’ve not been able to race the two times the world cups have been there before. The main thing that gets talked about this track is the pedal section in the middle but not being able to go before I hadn’t realised the rest I’d been missing out on. There’s not many tracks that are that fast and have big jumps in the whole way down which I think made a wicked track and it just gets boring hearing everyone talk about not wanting to pedal their push irons.
It was as long way round to get to SA. First of it was Unior tools/Trek Team camp in Slovenia for a week catching up with the team who I hadn’t seen since August last year and doing some riding on the new Schwalbe tyres that we are riding this year. From there we drove to Muich, Germany got a plane to Dubai, bit of a stop over then another flight to Jo-berg, South Africa then drove to to the race in Pietermaritzburg door to door 40 hours.

Slovenia Team camp Photo: Grega Stopar

Was loving the riding all week and in quali I put in a strong run but it didn’t feel anything flashy and got through to the big show in 25th. With there being spots I could improve on I felt on my goal for race day. Pretty happy with my quali run me and my Slovenian team mates went for a famous Coffeberry cafe pancake and shake. Life changing material. Not the most exciting thing but the fruit out there is so good so I got the Sram guys some to say thanks for tuning my bike.
Saturday was a half day of practice in the morning and I chose to only do one run to save myself in the baking heat as I was happy with where I was going on the track. That night it rained pretty hard-out so there was the usual what tyre conversation going on but it would take a lot to change from my Schwalbe Muddy Mary front and rear combo. With the track being so hard pack baked all week long it would take along time for it to rut up and until then it was just going to be bambi on ice no matter what rubber you ran.

PMB World Cup Photo: Vanja Kodermac
Felt like their was a lot of practice on race morning so I waited around and let the slickness on the track wear off abit then go do my bit. The jumps were all still on which was important to keep your speed going and for it to look rad so racing was going to be good. I was just going to do similar to the friday quali run but push it harder in the sections I had worked on and felt super solid. Coming out of a off camber left and onto a ledge my front wheel pushed abit wide carrying me along the ledge on my head not my bike! I ground the rest of the run out but after a crash there wasn’t anywhere to make good time back up.
Same flight route home and onto the next one. Tune into
to watch the live show from Val Di Sole Rnd 2 of the World Cups on June 3rd, see you there.

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