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Pre Season in Spain
I had planned to stay at home all winter and just get riding the dh bike as early as possible. Got a few good days and was made up with the bike and got a few things setup. Then the freezing weather came in so I got a last minute flight for two weeks in Malaga, Spain. The sun!
Malaga is pretty much overrun by scrote Brits on tour in the summer and now every year the Brit racers tear it up in the winters just on bikes instead of booze. The Spanish must be sick of it but it’s such a good buzz this time of year so it’s just like home but longer tracks and warm. There’s always somebody doing uplifts with vans or keen for some whips at the dirt jumps.
First day out here and it was 20C and the same day the Unior tools team press launch went out, couldn’t have been a better start. Some new tracks had been built since I last was in Malaga so I was keen to check them out. Track numero uno was a full on long and rocky mess of a track which for the first few runs in made me feel like I needed stabilisers. Once I got in the groove it just gets faster and faster until you can’t hold on, so a good reality check and shows if you’ve done your off season graft.
Got a few days at the dirt jumps which makes you feel spoilt for this time of year.

Home next week and into the first race of the year which I can’t wait for so I’ll let you know what happens there.

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