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The North America world cup tour is the summer holiday every year. Round 4 was at Mont Saint Anne so a flight into Montreal to meet up with the team was the first stop. It was pretty different traveling with the team because since I’ve been racing world cups I either traveled with my dad or been waiting in the airports trying to blag a lift from the next racer who walks through the arrivals terminal. Big shout out to Tine and Miha for setting everything up.

This was my second time at MSA and it’s as close to feeling like your riding a mx bike on a push bike as possible and gets more so each year. The track builders put in another 50 cents and went super size with this one. When I was walking the track I stopped by to watch 4X practice and there was this cool section where they jump out of this berm pump the landing and sent it off a fair size wooden freestyle creation take off over this double. This one dude in has flannel jacket jumped out of the berm gave it some on the cranks and sent this jump over jumped it by miles. I thought he was a goner but somehow unclipped and nailed the bail. Well impressed.

Saturday had a few hours practice early on then the rest of the day off due to the xc so me and my mates from back home watched the motocross in the hotel bar then some cliff jumping.

All the fun of the week paid off and I had a good race run and finished 27th which is my best world cup result to date.

Windham was mostly the same track as last year with just a few sections more built up which made it quicker. In my quali I didn’t put it together and came in 47th so I knew after abit of work I could put in another good one. The track was short so anything but a wide open run top to bottom wasn’t going to cut it. My team mates had some bad luck in quali so I was going solo for the team.

I didn’t get into my run until 1/3 into the track and that would cost me and I finished in 50th.

Me and the rest of the Unior tools team had a BBQ, lawn mower time trials and a few beers before early morning flights.

National Champs Llangollen, best nat champs I’ve ever raced so far. Every run there would be a crowd cheering you on and rider in the track and under there bike after a massive yard sale. Normally with a steep track just one good line gets skidded in and thats that but all weekend there was a good few choices even on the steepest part at the top.

I felt good on my bike from the first run which is a good sign and that was down to Dezmond from the Cycle Store in Congleton for doing a top job prepping it in the week. With this race being in the tight country roads of Wales the uplifts didn’t work so it was a push to get two runs in Sunday morning so me, Scotty and Brayton jumped in my dads van and he did a uplift for us and that extra run was needed. For my quali I didn’t know how quick I was going to the other dudes and just put a good one down with the normal race run mistakes and came down to take the lead and then go into 5th.

Race run it was going to be a shit or bust run and I went down at the top and was pulling my bike up the hill to get back onto the track so it was game over. Next time.

Thanks to everyone who helps me out.

Unior tools Trek team


Sneyd builders

Fox europe







Cycle Store

Big Dave for the building my wheels, bringing my shoes from home that I forgot and my Mum for getting all my food ready for the weekend.

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