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Inners Winter Round 3

Now on the plane to Slovenia for the Unior tools team press launch already two races deep into the season and it’s only the start of March! Seems to have been the shortest off season ever but I couldn’t be more ready to get back on the road and race.
Last weekend I was at Innerleithen, Scotland for the Alpine bikes final winter round. With SA being so early there was a good elite turnout which always add’s to it and makes a good race. I trucked up on my own and then got a text from the other half of team Fiat Scudo Adam Brayton and Benson who said they would be there soon so that was the pit setup for the weekend.
Proper treat of a track for the weekend being flat out with a few token jumps and only a couple bits of the infamous tight Innerleithen knuckle smashing tight trees, throw in four seasons of weather and it really felt like a British race. Had one of my favourite bits of track in that’s just straight out of the start steep, wicked turns and rolling rocks down the switchbacks. I had a few bow and arrow crashes through the trees there and the marshall was on his whistle like he was at a rave so a few others must have gone down like a home sick mole aswell.
Saturday night it lashed it down with rain and then there was only one in the team Scudo pits. Brayton and Benson couldn’t stand it so got a B&B. I doubled up the sleeping bags which was a good move cos it snowed all night but it didn’t mess up the uplift so it was still all go.
First race run I stood it up in a lot of turns and knew there was good bit of time left on the hill. Sitting in 4th and not happy I had some super noodles and got it sorted out. Final run I railed the top then the bottom slowed down with the mud getting gloopy but I stuck it and took 2nd behind Miami Bryce.
A trip to Scotland wouldn’t be complete without some haggis so I grabbed a roadie and headed home. Some Schwalbe and Rock Shox testing in Slovenia this week then onto the first World Cup in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

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