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Check in-Check out
June 28th, 2011
Just at Montreal airport waiting for the remainder of my team to arrive and there’s a lack of Canada’s talent today to check out so I’m on the business e-mails. Shame.

Got side tracked and ended up seeing Sam Hill is out for possibly the next two worlds cups in Mont Saint Anne and Windham. A few top names have missed some races or even full seasons due to injuries over the last few seasons which is nothing new it’s just part of the game. Wherever there is a set back there’s chance for a comeback. Alot of people say it’s a shame when a rider is out with an injury, yeah most of it is but I think it adds to the sport in a big way. Take a look back in 2009, Barel spanered himself before the first world cup then came back and won the 5th round. Not many people saw that coming. There’s the thing of not all the top guys are in the series going for the overall but then you get the one race hit’s of comebacks or new guys on the podium or winning which can spice thing’s up.

Let’s see what goes on this weekend at Mont Saint Anne

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