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Now then marras. Been pretty quiet recently I know, it’s that time of year where I got my head down motoring on through the cold weather doing some serious prep for next year! Some of these weather conditions have been pretty testing, but Dan Critchlow has set me a plan, which has been really mixing it up and keeping it fun. I’m pretty knackered writing this as if I’m honest, the racing is the easy part for me! I tend to let my jobs pile up over summer and then winter comes along and I have all my training to do and my life to sort out again, so I’m pretty busy, but its all good and cant wait to see the results of all the hard work.
Enduro Hands!

Whilst everyone got into their moto-x over the last few years its become a bit of a trend and everyone so ‘Moto’d out, half of the elite UK scene think they are bloody yanks racing the AMA. As stupid as it seems it kind of put me off it all a bit, I’ve been racing motorbikes since way before i raced Downhill and I feel it has really shaped the way i ride today. I’ve always been a 2-stroke man at heart and the only 4-strokes I’ve owned have been play bikes like my CRF 100. Last month I went for it and bought a Gas Gas 200 enduro bike… what a machine! I got a second hand ’09 and the bloody thing rules! I’ve been on wirral off-road scene twice already and it’s such great training to mix into my plan! I’m really not feeling the motocross track at all after some of these enduros; they for me are far superior!!! It’s like riding XC with a motor, through tight trees, up and down steep hills with rocks and roots – what a buzz!!! So yeah all about that at the minute.

Hope everyone is baring with these winter conditions, I’m pretty much training outdoor in Bolton or Stockport and let me tell you some of the wind, hail, snow and rain has been pretty hardcore, but what doesnt kill us makes us stronger eh?
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