DMR pump track challenge – Bristol

The DMR Pump track challenge

Good old fashioned fun is hard to come by at mountain bike events these days. So it was nice to load up the Burgtec van with a load of mates and just go and enjoy ourselves down at

We headed off to Bristol hitting up Costas along the way enjoying the mild November morning weather. The sun graced us with it’s presence all day long which helped enormously to the success of the event.

The track was by the side of a Bristol underpass which would of supplied ample shelter should there been any bad weather.

There was a good turnout of folks which led to a mini carnival atmosphere with the help of a plastic inflatable palm tree and dub step provided by the Monster truck.

The track was small and compact with unforgiving corners, in particular Hawaii named after the inflatable palm tree which adorned it. The corners quick switch from right to left switch caught out a few more riders than you would of expected.

To be honest I don’t know who won. We stayed and watched the racing after Harry Heath got knocked out in the semi but it wasn’t about the winning (although all pro’s were taking it seriously in that “I’m not bothered, bothered“ way). It was just about having fun and catching up with some mates.

If anyone is thinking about going I would well recommend grabbing a few of your pals and heading down and just remind yourself why you love riding your bike.

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