DC’s World Cup Hot or Not

Dc has blessed us mere mortals with his thoughts on Rd1 Pietermaritzburg South Africa World Cup.

Greg Minnaar: HOT Old Minaj killed it this weekend. Seeding and finals 250 maximum points thanks very much. Total Boss. Did anyone notice what stem he was using? Sure I recognise it from somewhere…

Aaron Gwin: HOT Ok so after his win here and dominance last year everyone was expecting a repeat. 2nd is still good work at Minnaar’s race. Gwins 2nd place is the best possible outcome for the fans and Val di Sol is going to be very exciting.

Mick Hannah: HOT Totally killing it this weekend. Lost 2 seconds down the bottom of the track and had to settle for 3rd. Mick always starts the season strong then fades back a little. Lets hope this year is different. Fastest DH family in the world right now.

Gee Atherton: HOT Good start to the year, solid result for the overall. In the mix.

Steve Smith: HOT great result, I think he’ll be a sleeper this and could well be a dark horse this year for the overall.

Jared Graves: HOT another great result. Him and Fishbach have shown the that the good 4X guys can rip it on the DH too. Interesting he wasn’t on the Carbon bike in the finals.

Andrew Neethling: HOT about time he did good at this race after bad luck at the previous 2 visits. Respect for toughing it out with 2 broken fingers.

Troy Brosnan: HOT Good result; excellent top split. Definitely all set for a good season.

Julien Camellinni: HOT total privateer deal. Why he isn’t on a team I don’t know. Why any TM wouldn’t want him on their team is a mystery, pretty much a dead cert top 20 guy. He got his old mechanic ‘Jelly Bean’ from his days on Mojo. Cool to see the band back together.

Cedric Gracia: HOT 10th’s a sweet result for an OG like Gracia. Looking forward to watching him at the rest of the races. A fan favourite for sure.

Sam Hill: NOT just missing out on a top 10. I would love to see return to the DILIGAF riding style from Hill. Is it me or is a Leatt an anchor for riders? Maybe makes them worry consequences too much? All I do know for sure is when Sam isnt fighting for wins the world seems out of its equilibrium, plus he’s on my Dirt Fantasy team. He owned Val di Sol in 08 but a lots changed since then.

Nick Beer: HOT 12th is a total Nick Beer result. Always there with a solid performance.

Aurlien Giordanengo: HOT Great result after a year out. Wore the biggest, baggyiest jersey known to man. XL for practice and L for racing everyone knows that! Rookie move.

Neko Mulally: HOT; First year senior and solid start.

Steve Peat NOT: 5th last year with a chest infection, I really had him down as a contender for the win; podium minimum.

Fabien Cousinie: HOT Player manager on the Morewood United Ride team. Always goes well on this track and scoring another top 20. #1 ranked team has got to be a sweet feeling.

Justin Leov: NOT purely based on his lack of knee pads in the final.

Marc Beaumont: NOT Tough call really, after being top 10 both previous times. That said he did slam a tree in practice so might have been nursing it through this one. Val di Sol next and he goes fast there.

Brendan Fairclough: HOT Another tough call really. Coming back from his Knee surgery (I think he’s mentioned it!) it’s a good result. Things will only get better from here on out.


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  1. John Says:

    Interesting that you said Sam Hill was a “not” 11th place for a guy who hardly raced last year and was completely out of shape seems like a win to me, especially in south africa. I would note that the pedally south africa track does not suit Sam in the least, let us recall world champs when peaty won, canberra as i recall, super pedally and Sma only placed something like 14th there. I think an 11th on a track that suited very strong riders who could pedal was very good, especially with the likes of minnar, gwin, Hannah and graves.

  2. Burgtec Says:

    5th 2009 and 7th 2011, only just a not ;-)

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