DC’s World Champs Hot or Not!

2011 World Championship HOT or NOT Final race of the year, the one shot deal for glory. Hands down the most exciting race of the year.

Danny Hart: HOT The new peoples favourite. Amazing on the edge style and throws some sick whips on his way to winning. You want the guy throwing the big whips and busting the hardcore lines to win the races it makes it even more exciting. The Danny Hart story is a great one, humble beginnings doing all of the small UK races and now senior world champ at age 20! I think everyone who has raced in the UK has a story about Danny because everyone has watched him grow up at the races over the last 10 years. A medal at this race would have been a huge step, a win by 11.699 seconds a fairy tale. Best thing to come out of Redcar by far!

Damien Spagnolo: HOT Best ever senior worlds result, really good to see. Fabien was really happy for him and it seems like the Mondraker team have been working all season for this one race. So it’s great to see the hard work pay off.

Sam Blenkinsop: HOT Also best ever result at senior worlds. Good to see after a mediocre season. Think he’s due a knee surgery. The Lapierre set up seems really solid and I think he will be in the chase for the overall next season.

Brendan Fairclough: HOT I was really surprised to see Brendan do so well in the seeder and the final. Not because he isn’t capable of doing that but because his injury. He’s capable of winning or GB wouldn’t have taken him. Like I said after Val Di Sole; hit the reset button and start over next March. He needs to be in the top 10 at South Africa to in with a shot at the series. Knee surgery and then get very fit has to be plan for the likable Brendog.

Mickael Pascal: HOT Best result for ages!

Marc Beaumont: HOT Really unlucky not to come away with a medal. Lost the front end on one of the tight turns and did a big ball ride on the back tyre. That would have been a great end to an average year. All of the other Brits doing so well will definitely give him some motivation for next year and I think he’ll bounce back with some podiums at the minimum.

Sam Hill: HOT Sketchy run! You could definitely tell he was out of practice and didn’t look like himself. Rightly so as well because he’s been off the bike for months. Respect for coming out and racing. In my opinion his bike looks too small for him, how do you go from a custom Iron Horse that was a size large but with the stand over height of a medium with 2 degree slackening headset cups to a medium Specialized? His motivation for next season will be huge. If no one else gives it to Gwin a fully fit Sam Hill will.

Greg Minnaar: NOT Once you’ve won worlds I’m sure anything less than gold is a disappointment. Can’t think of one reason why he can’t win Leogang worlds next year.

Brook Macdonald: HOT 9th today might be bittersweet but its better than last years 12th at Monte Sainte Anne so things are definitely going in the right direction. A medal would have capped off an awesome season but he’s had an awesome year and will be back next season.

Fabien Barel: HOT last result of an amazing career and with 4 broken ribs too. In one of the interviews this week he said his that his ribs were giving him a lot of pain but it would have been more painful to sit the race out and watch. Nothing sums Fabien Barel up better than that statement. Brought a very unique approach to racing and he will definitely be missed.

Remi Thirion: HOT Rode out of his skin for 3rd in the seeder and just outside the top 10 in the race. Great result for him.

Aaron Gwin: NOT Purely based on the result. Slightly back at the first split and looked like he had lost a little bit more before he crashed. I think he would have got 2nd but Gwin only wants one result and that’s first. It will certainly make next years worlds at Leogang all the more exciting.

Marco Milivinti: HOT Awesome result!

Florent Payet: HOT Been quietly coming to form over the last few races. Good solid result.

Mathew Scoles: HOT #1 privateer this year. Hope he gets a good deal next season; he deserves it.

Markus Pekoll: HOT But only just, he crashed just before the 1st split. Would have been a top 5 threat otherwise.

Steve Peat: NOT See Greg Minnaar comment. Looks like he crashed judging from the mud on his kit. I have a good feeling for Peaty next year. Everyone keeps asking “When is he is going to slow down?” Answer: no time soon so stop asking!

Ludovic May: HOT Great result. Maybe a bit of local knowledge but even so he rode really well to get in the top 20.

Lorenzo Suding: HOT 5th in timed practice and a crash in the race kept him out of the top 10. Unlucky from the guy who can speak more languages than anyone else on the circuit.

Bernat Guardia Pascal: HOT a good result from someone who probably rarely rides in conditions like that.

Andrew Neethling: NOT didn’t look comfortable with the conditions and I think would have done a lot better if it had been dry. Needs to get a solid start to the season and get in that top 20 protected group so he can push to more regular podiums. This is very possible.

Luke Strobel: NOT would have thought he’d be in the top 10 on this kind of track. Still a solid season and definitely capable of greater things next season.

Gee Atherton: NOT His worst ever result at World Champs. Just doesn’t seem like its been Gee’s year. A poor/unlucky season will only fuel Gee’s will be motivation. Rumours are big things happening with the Atherton Racing set up for next year. Rumours of Dan quitting full time DH to focus on the Enduro DH style races, it’s highly likely they are going to sign another rider and even rumours of a switch in manufacturers. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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