DC’s Fort Bill Hot or Not

Burgtec’s very own Dan Critchlow gives his verdict on race day

Aaron Gwin: HOT This one’s a close call. Another win, awesome. But I’m getting tired of the moto references in virtually every interview now; ”whoop’ed out and moto style”. You’re doing downhill mountain biking an equally mega sport all of its own, ok? Villopoto doesn’t describe AMA Nationals as “just like riding my mountain bike” I love moto but pretty tired of hearing the obvious comparisons. #motobeef

Danny Hart: HOT so close yet again! Bike looked sick this weekend, DK Jnr put a massive effort into getting it polished up and looking all sweet. It did cross my mind that when all the manufacturers have gone carbon we won’t see any polished frames. Also over uses phrases from the Moto Phrases handbook too. Tut tut.

Gee Atherton: NOT; Our pits at Fort William backed against the GT one’s and they Jet wash their bikes against the side of our van. Best part of a mornings work with the T-cut to get it half decent again. That’ll get you a NOT right there! Gee’s done awesome to come back from a broken leg to land on the podium at the last two races.

Sam Hill: HOT Last week in Val di Sol when he insided the bottom bridge turn he looked more like his old self that he has done for a long time. Creative lines and getting loose in the process. His first podium since Leogang last year. He’s clawing back up there and building solid momentum. Whoevers in the hot seat when its Hill’s time to ride is holding their breath again.

Josh Bryceland: HOT Solid 5th, Top Dog on Syndicate this weekend.

Steve Smith: NOT I thought this was going to be the weekend for Steve Smith. I definitely had him down as a threat for the win on this track. He got claimed by the same boardwalk as Peaty and Marc but managed to salvage a top 20. Monte Sainte Anne for some revenge in just over a weeks’ time. Surely got to be the next guy in line to take his first World Cup win.

Greg Minnaar: NOT 6th place, not good for a championship but hopefully his worst race is out of the way now. Greg can’t afford to let Gwin get too far in front in the series, he needs to connect with a round house in Monte Sainte Anne.

Brook Macdonald: NOT 2 Crashes, caked in mud. Ditch the super short stem. Lots of aspects from Motocross do translate to mountain biking really well, not that one.

Dan Atherton HOT: Good to see big Athy racing world cups again and 36th is no joke just diving back into the thick of it. Forget the fake glory of Enduro DH and come back to the real deal. A rider could win all of those Enduro’s in a year but still wouldn’t get the respect of an even half decent World Cup result.

Joe Smith: HOT Career best and reminiscent of 2010 good stuff.

Matt Simmonds: HOT another awesome result. Chuffed for Simmonds. A bit of inter-team rivalry will hopefully push these two

Marc Beaumont: HOT Blazing Qualifier and definitely proved a point to everyone he’s a threat. There’s a few riders looking for revenge in Monte Sainte Anne.

Sam Blenkinsop: HOT getting back up there but dropped 4 places from the 2nd split to the Finish and cost him a top ten.

Steve Peat: NOT Crashed off the north shore. Same bridge as 07 Worlds. North Shore has no place on downhill tracks really but sometimes can’t be avoided and needs to be better chicken wired. Or actually chicken wired.

Ruaridh Cunningham: NOT Roy and Beaumont are pretty much 50/50 on the heart break this weekend. 3rd at the first split and then a front flat just before the woods. Could of been an amazing result but that’s racing.

Sam Dale: HOT Stoked for Sam, team managers/British Cycling take note.

Jared Graves: NOT been kind of sliding backwards since SA. 76th on the day and obvious problems in his run.

Julien Camellini: NOT; White kit on a wet muddy day JuJu? Obvious he was going to hit the deck. Its good from a spectators point of view because you can spot straight away he’d crashed. Last WC of the year for Julien, not doing Canada and sister’s wedding when Val d’ Isere’s on. So its back to running his own bike shop that was his Granddad’s, then his Dads and now his. Hope he gets a deal to do the full series next year. I’m having him on my Fantasy team cos he’ll be cheap and always gets good results.

Luke Strobel: HOT Proper Tracks and Strobels top 20 all day long. 14th on the day and jumps to 27th in the overall just behind Peaty.

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