Burgtec Xmas Party

It’s Christmas which could only mean one thing the annual Burgtec Christmas party. DC and I would like to thank the riders who made it along to the party through the snow and ice. It was a great end of year blow out and everybody who was there enjoyed themselves to the excess.

Stoke on Trent was the venue for the party as it has been for the last 2 years and I can’t see that changing in the future either.

The night began at Fat Cats bar with the obligatory cocktails and shots as you can imagine it didn’t take long for the night to warm up after that.

Revolution bar was next on the list due to the fact Dogman had a discount card on him for yet more cocktails. There’s nothing like a girly pink drink to give you the ultimate street cred.

We staggered from Revolution to Touch nightclub. The only reason being to see our favourite toilet attendant at this point the party spent 10 minutes singing and dancing in the loo. We then exited the club without a drink and ended up in Walkabout with Yaeger bombs being the drink of choice.

After that the party went X rated with Dogman managing to find a pole and show off his best moves.

From that point my memory gets a little hazy and a recollection of a kebab and taxi is the only thing I can remember. I do however have photographic evidence of Scott Mears with no clothes on in the snow which was a pleasant surprise next morning.

More pictures on the Facebook fan page. I’m already looking forward to next years xmas party. Happy Christmas everybody!

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