Penthouse Flat MK4

Steel axle

Price: £99.99

Titanium axle

Price: £149.99

The Penthouse MK4 is more than a pedal it’s a religion.

The MK4 pedal keeps the best features of the MK3.

Oversized platform
1mm dish
Incredible grip
Easy to remove pins

But it sees improvements in

Weight Steel axle 440g and ti axle 370g
double bush single bearing internals.
16mm slimline profile


Colours: Burgtec Black, Race Red, Deep Blue, Gold
Weight: Steel axle 440g Titanium axle 370g
16mm profile
1mm dish
Easy to remove pins
Steel pins
New double bush single bearing internals.
Price steel axle £99.99, Titanium axle £149.99

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