Burgtec does Boom Boom

Scott Beaumont will be rocking the Mk3 Penthouse Flats on the race scene this year. I know what your thinking Scott is a 4X racer he’ll be clipped in but Scott also races downhill and this is where he will be using the Burgtec pedals. Although it would be good if we convert him.

We have been friends with Scott for a while now and have become firm pit pals at the World Cup events. If you run out of Tea bags you can always be sure that Beaumont racing will have some to spare even if it is Yorkshire tea, hey desperate times and all that!

We will be keeping up with Scott throughout the season to find out how he has been getting along. In the meantime read Boom Boom’s profile to find out about one of Britain most likeable MTBers.

scott SA

Scott Beaumont

Boom Boom – Given to me by World Cup commentator Peter Graves at Japan World Cup in late 90’s


Kidderminster, UK



4X, Downhill, BMX

What bike are you riding this season?
Rocky Mountain 4X prototype, Flatline

Home Track?
Bringewood, Ludlow

Favourite track?
Bromont 4X

Favourite track name?
Rib Tickler

Favourite terrain? Why?
Loose flat turns in 4X. Anything can happen here!

Worst terrain? Why?
High speed rocks in DH

Biggest injury?
Disslocated left ankle and broken tibia. Foot was backwards being held on essentially by skin. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! Jack Bauer would have felt it tingle!

Favourite music?

Recommend an album?
Anything Lilly Allen

Favourite Fiveten and Burgtec products?
Penthouse Flats MK III

Favourite Vice?
(thing you like doing but you know you shouldn’t eg junk food) Doritos

Favourite movie?Why? Snatch – Hilarious. Also look on You Tube at Snatch Wars……

What makes you tick what makes you want to ride?
Going big over some of the huge jumps on World Cup 4X now.

What makes you want to race?

What do you love about racing what do you hate about racing?
Love Winning, travelling, meeting different people from different cultures, trying new food. Hate airports, excess baggage, jetlag, punctures in racing when you have travelled to the other side of the globe!

Recommended reading for road trips?
Anything funny

Favourite road trip and fondest memory from that trip?
All my trips away with Will Longden. Too many car hire stories

Claim to fame?
Meeting Ricky Carmichael at Anaheim SX a few years ago and him giving me a signed pair of Oakley goggles.

Best piece of downhill advice you were given?
Stay off the brakes

What got you into racing mountain bikes in the first place?
During my BMX career I received a phone call asking if I would like a salary to race Mountain Bikes in downhill and slalom…….Just decided it was worth a gamble!

When did you start?

First race and memory of that day?
A couple of little local races, but first I remember was Margam Park DH National. Best memory was winning my first big race!

What was the result?

First bike you raced on?
Kona Sex Three

Rocky Mountain, RDH Motorhomes, Fox, Trixter, Oakley, Fox Suspension, Hayes, Sun Ringle, Schwalbe, Fenwicks, RapidRacerProducts, USE, Burgtec

First sponsor?
Birmingham Wheels

Why did they sponsor you?
I was pretty quick for a 5 year old kid!

Other hobbies?
Golf, BMX, Tennis, Squash, Swimming, Cinema etc..

Do you train? If so what exercise do you do? Yep, twice a day. Gym, 4X spints, 4X tracks, XC riding, Road riding, DH tracks

The result your most proud of?
World Champion BMX 95

1 paragraph about your personal/professional achievements?
I have always given 100% in anything I have done and have some good results to reflect that. I treat people how I like to be treated and take pride in giving back to the sport as much as I can.

1 paragraph about what you have been doing last year?
It was a good year in 2009. I won National 4X Series, National 4X Championships and finished 11th in the World Cup. It was a year of missed opportunities with 3 semi final rides in 4X that I did not move onto the main finals from.

Any particular riding goals/ambitions for this year?
Retain my UK titles and move into the top 5 overall in World Cups.

scott beaumont 1

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