Austrailian National Championship

Nathan Rennie has won the Austrailian National champs putting beating his closest rival Bryn Atkinson into 2nd place. We’ve not managed to get hold of Rennie to get the low down but when we do we will keep you posted.

Elite Men

Nathan Rennie – 2:37.95
Bryn Atkinson – 2:40.1
Ben Cory – 2:41.47
Steve Smith (CAN) – 2:42.74
Jared Rando – 2:43.13

Tracey Hannah was a tyre nobble away from taking 1st place as U.K rider tracey Mosely swooped in and took the honours away from little tracey. Mosely must have been extacteic to win by 0.06 of a second I know that’s one of the smallest margins I’ve seen for a while.

Elite Women

Tracy Moseley (UK) – 3:01.12
Tracey Hannah – 3:01.18
Julia Boer – 3:21.83

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