Alpine Bikes Winter Race

Round 2
Innerleithen 23rd 24th

What is the measure of a man? Why it’s the Alpine Bikes winter race series of course!

In which case i’am the 19th most manliest man of the 185 that had the strength of will and wallet to turn up. Just pipped (you might say) in the overalls to 18th by the 14/15 year old Sam Flockhart. Fresh from his trials with the Iranian under 18 football team. What do they feed these lads.

Well done to Sam and the other 3 youths who have just moved up from juvenile for 2008. Coached by the iron fist of Chris ‘when i say jump you say how high’ Ball and making many a rider feel over the (sam) hill! Arran Gannicott took the win in youths with a 3.16 and a crash.But lets focus on the positives.

And it’s chocks away to Burgtecs very own Scott Mears who placed second in the expert cat. Also a one time student of Balls when he was picked to serve and swerve for queen and country at the 2007 mountain bike world champs up in Fort William.

The course was typical Inners. All dark and twisty like a liquorice bootlace.

Thankfully the event ran smooth from the outset with the big bonus being the the transport picking riders up from the bottom of the hill avoiding the 2 mile pedal along the road. Although this left Peter Williams a full pound off his target weight for tuesday night weight watchers! I guess 1st in expert and the second fastest time of the day (3.12) will have to do.Frankly he would’nt have been able to stand on his bike had it not been for his Burgtec Penthouse Flats pedals.

I caught up for a quick chat with masters silver medalist Tim Wilcox who described his 3.33 run as ‘one long crash punctuated by moments of control’. Tim lost out on gold by what can only be described as a significant margin to ex elite Chris Whitfield knifing over the line on a 3.26.

Fastest time of the day went to mark Beaumont (elite) on a 3.09. Mark continues to cross border and time zone, racking up win after win. Question is who will be Sarah Connor to his Terminator?

It only remains for me to say well done to all who took part. The full results are available online somewhere, probably

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