2011 National Champs Llangollen – Burgtec Hot or Not list

We had a awesome time at the National champs at the weekend good crowds, good racing and good event! The weather always helps and it was lovely hot sunny weekend in Llangollen.

Anyway instead of a news report Burgtec owner/Elite rider DC (came 13th, still life in the old dog yet!) gives his hot or not list from the weekend. Just a light hearted bit of fun so don’t take it too seriously!

Ruaridh Cunningham: HOT awesome result, I’ll stick my neck out and say that run would have been hard to catch by anyone. You’re a bad dude, Roy.

Alex Bond: HOT I honestly thought his run wouldn’t be beaten. Fair bit of local knowledge but you can’t blame him for that. Smoking time and good to see, top work!

Adam Brayton: HOT 3rd’s a good result and I’m sure he would of taken that if you’d offered it to him on the Friday before the race. Must have been a bit bittersweet after winning the qualifying run. Brayton had never tried mayonnaise til this weekend, true story… Hard to believe I know but that’s straight up.

Matt Simmonds: HOT return to form and its good to see. Tough start to the year with injury but great to see him back up there.

Steve Peat: NOT so hard to put Peaty on the NOT list but he was definitely the favorite for this race looking at the start list. I thought he had it in the bag. An off weekend for Peaty by his own standards. 99% sure he’ll be on the HOT list after La Bresse.

Joel Moore: HOT great result. Must have surely surprised himself with that. Good work.

Pete Williams: HOT been improving all season. Please buy some matching kit though.

Scott Mears (Burgtec rider): HOT funniest guy in the pits, sick on a bike, rocks a full time and makes people who ride full time look daft regularly.

Rich Thomas: NOT he had top 5 or even medal potential for this race.

Gareth Brewin (Burgtec rider): HOT best National Champs result ever as an Elite. Solid result.

Greg Williamson NOT only just on the NOT list. Definite top 10 potential, small slip at National Champs can be costly. It’s always the closest race of the year.

Joe Smith: NOT shame he crashed. Definitely won practice.

Lewis Buchanan: HOT junior National Champion with a top 10 Elite time.

Sam Dale: NOT definitely had potential to win.

Harry Heath (Burgtec rider): NOT crashed potential to repeat his qualification result of 5th

Will Longden: HOT 28th after not racing for over a year. NOT for hitting his toe with a lump hammer taking his awning pegs out.

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    Another top idea from the burgtec boys. Aswell as the rad bush!

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